What is an Ereader?

What is an Ereader

  • What is an Ereader? An ereader is a dedicated device for reading digital content, primarily ebooks. Therefore, any piece of written content can basically be converted into digital form and read on an ereader. This includes content such as books, newspapers, documents, etc. However, not any device that can read ebooks is considered an ereader. Tablets also can use apps to read ebooks but they differ in a variety of ways.

The Main Difference between an Ereader and a Tablet:

  • The main difference between ereaders and tablets is the technology used in the screen. Ereaders use a technology called Eink which mimics paper by lessening the brightness and glare of the screen. Unlike a tablet which uses an LCD screen and emits light, ereaders are not backlit and project light evenly across the screen. Ereaders can comfortably be used for an extended period of time without straining the eyes. Therefore it is much easier to read books on an ereader than tablets.
  • To see more reasons on how ereaders differ from tablets check out this post.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Ereader:

Reading is a powerful habit that has numerous benefits. I strongly believe everything you want in life can be found in a book. No matter what subject you are interested in there is always a book out there that can help you learn from other great minds both from the past and in the present. So, why not take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity by using a device designed to make reading super convenient for you.

  1. Convenience – One of the top reasons to buy an ereader is that it is portable and easy to travel with. It literally can fit in your pocket, purse, or any other bag you carry around. This makes reading a 500+ page book so much easier than having to haul it around wherever you go.
  2. Storage – Furthermore, you can take pretty much your entire library with you anywhere you go. This means no more having to decide which book to bring on your next vacation. You can bring them all! 😀
  3. Wi-fi access – Plus if you finish your book faster than expected you always have access to thousands of more books at any given time. So long as you have a wi-fi connection you can browse ebook stores and instantly download your next great read.
  4. Screen – As stated above the main reason to buy a dedicated ereader is for the paper-like screen. It has an adjustable backlight allowing you to read in the dark without much strain on eyes and also works excellent in the sun. I used to read at night but hated the fact that once I was done I would have to get up and turn off the lights when I was ready to fall asleep. Well using an ereader has solved that issue and now I can read at night without hesitation.
  5. Customized Reading Experience – Another awesome benefit of using an ereader is that you can tailor your reading experience based on your preferences. This includes changing the font size and type, and even adjusting the margins and line spacing. Once you find your favourite settings it will make reading that much more enjoyable.
  6. Features – One thing I love about using an ereader as opposed to reading a physical book is the fact that I can click on any word I am not familiar with and instantly get a dictionary definition without leaving the page. This makes ereading much more beneficial as I would most likely not take the time to grab a dictionary or search the definition on google while reading a physical book. In addition, you can take notes, highlight sections, and bookmark pages just as you would in a physical book. Except with an ereader, it stores all your notes, highlights, and bookmarks in one convenient place. This makes searching and organizing notes especially easy.
  7. Reading Stats – Although it doesn’t necessarily affect how I read. It is interesting to see how many hours I have read, average minutes per session, average pages per minute, and more. I especially like the fact that it shows you chapter and book progress. This eliminates the fact that you cannot easily flip through the pages to see how much farther you have left in the chapter.
  8. Read in Privacy – Have you ever read an interesting book with an awkward title or front cover? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore if you use an ereader. It is comforting knowing that you can read any book even in public spaces without ever feeling judged.
  9. Weatherproof – Some ereaders are even designed to be weatherproof. Therefore, you can read outdoors without worrying about ruining your book. This is an awesome feature that protects you from water/dust/sand/etc. *Only select devices have this feature such as the Kindle Oasis & Kobo Aura H2O.
  10. Battery lasts weeks/months – Last but definitely not least, the battery life on dedicated ereaders is superb. Due to using Eink technology the screen hardly uses any battery life. On average ereaders can last weeks (with heavy use) or even months (with occasional use). It is so nice knowing that whenever I grab my ereader I don’t have to worry about battery life. I only have to charge it about once a month.

Now that you know what is an ereader and the top benefits of using one.

What is an Ereader

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