How To Buy Ebooks Online

How to buy Ebooks online

Best Ebook Stores

Amazon Kindle Store

  • The Kindle store is without a doubt the best place to buy ebooks. It has the largest selection and most competitive prices for purchasing ebooks. This makes sense, considering it is tied to the most popular ereading device as well. The Kindle store is thoroughly organized by category and although it has such a wide selection of ebooks they are easy to search for and find. Plus, Amazon’s review database is second to none. With so many users leaving reviews it is easy to get an idea whether the next book on your list is worth your time. Although, the one main disadvantage of using the Kindle store is that it is a proprietary ecosystem meaning you cannot directly download your ebook on any other device (legally). You can however easily download the Kindle App and continue reading right where you left off.
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Barnes & Nobles Nook Store

  • Primarily aimed at the U.S. market it is the largest physical book retailer in the U.S. Therefore, their ebook store is meant to match their physical store inventory. The Barnes and Nobles bookstore has a great selection of books, especially all the popular titles. It even developed its own ereading device, the Nook Ereader. However, the app has proved to be more popular than the actual device. In addition, the future potential of the Nook bookstore outside the U.S. is questionable as it recently closed down in the U.K.
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Kobo Book Store

  • The Kobo devices are the main rival to Amazon’s Kindle devices. However, their ebook store doesn’t offer quite the same selection (albeit a pretty good one). However, with that being said they do have one distinct advantage over Kindle which is that it uses an open format ebook ecosystem. Allowing a lot more flexibility for reading. The organization of the store is very nice and user-focused. It is also arguably the most children-friendly of all the ebook stores.
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Google Play Books

  • Google Play Books offers an extremely wide selection of both popular and indie titles. Although it doesn’t have the organization of the Kindle store, if you know what you are looking for then you can just as easily search for it. The nice thing is that it automatically syncs with your Google account so you can also continue reading on any device so long as you can login to your account. Also, they offer free samples of most of the books so you can read the first few pages to get an idea whether you like it or not.
  • Check out their selection here

Apple Ibook Store

  • It is a user-friendly ebookstore primarily aimed at Apple users. Consistent with the brand it is easy to use and has a nice interface.  However, it is a proprietary system not compatible with non-apple devices. It doesn’t have quite the selection of some of the other listed ebook stores and the prices tend to be a little higher. So, if you are looking for a fully-compatible ebook store for your Apple device , then the Ibooks store may be right for you. However, it would also be worth considering just downloading one of the above bookstore apps for your Apple device for more selection.
  • Check out their selection here

Project Gutenberg

  • Offers over 50,000 free ebooks. A great resource of classic literature, it primarily takes older books in which the copyright expired and puts it into the public domain free for download. It supports many different file formats and is a well-organized site. Although the service is free, it is a volunteer effort. So, supporting them supports a great cause, and donations are welcomed. The best part though is the daily, constant new additions.
  • Check out their selection here

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