Ereader vs Tablet

Ereader vs Tablet

You may be wondering why anyone would use an ereader when they could just buy a tablet with e-book reading capabilities and a lot more versatility. However, there are some major differences between the two which may affect your reading experience vastly. So, here are some factors to consider when trying to decide.

Ereader vs Tablet

How an Ereader is Better:

  1. How long do you usually read for and when? The primary difference between an ereader and a tablet is the screen technology. Ereaders uses what is called E-ink technology, it is very different from the typical LCD screen found on tablets and most other devices (computers, cellphone, etc). E-ink technology mimics paper by projecting light evenly across the screen. Whereas, LCD screens emit light from behind the screen directly to your eyes. Thereby putting much more strain on your eyes when looking at the screen for an extended time. Furthermore, e-ink screens also try to match the contrast of paper and ink in order to create a paper-like display with high visibility and little to no glare. This makes for easy reading whether in bright sunlit conditions or even reading in the dark. So, whether you’re an avid reader who likes to read for an extended period of time. Or are just like me and like late-night reading but hate having to get up and turn off the lights when I’m about to fall asleep. Using an ereader for reading is much more enjoyable and convenient!
  2. Battery life. Ereaders also have superb battery life. Unlike a tablet or any other LCD device where the screen drains the battery in approximately 8-12 hours. A ereader can last weeks even months on a single charge. This is one of the best reasons for using an ereader over a tablet. You can bring it on vacation without any concern of charging it daily like a tablet. A big plus, especially if your tablet is competing with other uses aside from reading.
  3. Dedicated reader with no distractions. And that exactly leads us into our next point which is the benefit of having a dedicated ebook reader with no distractions. If you enjoy reading but get distracted easily then an ereader may just be your perfect solution. Since ereaders are designed for the sole purpose of reading, most devices do not have many other functions other than some basic web browsing capabilities. Like browsing for your next great book or looking up something on Wikipedia. Therefore, if you are serious about reaping the benefits of reading and do not want to be distracted by all your social media channels you should definitely consider this point.
  4. Reading experience. Therefore, between the numerous customization options (fonts, margins, spacing, etc), the ability to highlight, bookmark, and store notes. You know that when you pick up your ereader, everything related to your favorite books is all in one place. Without any apps to slow it down it makes for the ultimate reading experience. Hassle-free and convenient.
  5. Price. The last but definitely not least reason why an ereader is better than a tablet is the price. Sure, you may feel it is not necessary to have a dedicated ebook reading device but as previously mentioned, if you truly enjoy reading, ereading will revolutionize your experience. In comparison to a tablet the price of an ereader is quite reasonable generally between $100-$300 (sometimes even cheaper when on sale!). So if you already have a computer and a smartphone it is very likely that an ereader is a better investment than a tablet. Something to consider anyways.

Ereader vs Tablet

How a Tablet is Better:

There are however some big benefits to using a tablet over an ereader, especially if you are a light reader. Here are some key points to consider.

  • Color screen. Although, e-ink technology is awesome for reading it is not so great for any other functions. Web browsing is in black and white and as you can imagine that limits the media options available. It is also important to consider what types of reading you do. If you like magazines, comics, or anything that is better in color than an ereader may not be the most suitable choice. Whereas, if you mainly read books, news, and documents then an ereader would work just fine.
  • Wide functionality / Multipurpose use. Also, if you have to choose between an ereader and a tablet, and you don’t have a portable laptop. A tablet might be the better choice. A tablet can do essentially anything a computer albeit in a limited capacity. Whereas, an ereader essentially serves one purpose which is reading in black and white. So, if you’re looking for a multipurpose device then a tablet is definitely recommended.
  • Access to a variety of ebook stores. Another major benefit of using a tablet is that you can still download ebooks online or from a dedicated ebook store/app, albeit, the reading experience is very different. It nonetheless, is a suitable alternative for occasional readers who may not necessarily read hours at a time.

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